From chaos emerges clarity. And from chaotic creativity emerge pieces of art that are unprecedented in form, content and substance. At Feel Productions, that is what we feel and hence we give a freehand to the creative value that delivers the result differently.

Feel in Arabic means an elephant, considered to be a highly loyal, intelligent and powerful animal. These are the qualities that we imbibe and values that we aspire to grow with.

It is a start-up where the core team of partners has a collective experience of 20+ years in the film production industry. So we bring to you the experience of decades along with the hunger for success of start-ups, a highly potent combination.

A growing clientele across industries is a testimonial of our having delivered innovative marketing solutions consistently. We are a great mix of technical professionals with a sharp business sense so we understand your business along with our function. This helps us transform your ideas into a full range of powerful stories told visually on screen.

‘Feel’ is our belief and passion that we execute while having a lot of fun.