Location & Line Production

Feel Productions is your answer if you are looking to shoot in Dubai and need production support. All film units think twice before deciding to shoot on an outdoor location. Their first concern is whether they will get the best service and most efficient line production support in a location not familiar to them.

Feel Productions is a Line Production Company in Dubai which knows every aspect of film and video production. Our company brings with it, over 20 years of experience in the field of film and video production in Dubai. We could help sourcing the best crew, the best locations, the best equipments at the best price.


The term Line production or Line producer is often misunderstood in different countries. Let me explain the Role of the Line Producer for more clarity and better understanding.

It is the Line Producer who creates a budget for a production. They are responsible for working within the budget during production. The Line producer is involved with all aspects of the production and is the-one-person-contact with the rest of the crew and the producers above.  Line Producers typically hire the key crew like the Director of Photography and Production Designer and oversee the hiring and approves everyone else his team would like to bring onto the project.


His team may consist of several production managers who run the show. They are the little magicians, who run around with their magic wands, making anything and everything imaginable, available to the production. They execute the plan and report to the line producer. They are the persons dealing with the daily approval of timecards, reviewing the production reports and approving call sheets. So, if you are seeking a producer or fixer or a line producer in Dubai, contact us.