Akbar Shaikh

Akbar Shaikh has more than 16 years experience in the media industry. Started his career as an editor for Transworld International he has worked as an Director and Promo Producer for Zee Network Limited (India’s largest entertainment and News Network) and India Today Television (India’s No.1 News Network).

He has had the privilege of working with some of the India’s biggest celebrities in the Bollywood Industry and has won numerous awards which include four Promax Gold awards and six News Television awards.

As an award winning Director and Promo Producer he is creative and passionate about his work, wishing there was more hours in a day to invest in his craft and develop new ideas. His imagination allows him to take a simple concept and turn it into something magical that benefits any brand. His experience in conceptualizing, 2D and 3D animation work and editing brings a valuable contribution to the team here at Feel Productions. This allows for each production to have a strong foundation from the start of every project where a clear vision of the final product is kept in mind all through the production.