Bruno Chmpris


Fascinated by the mountain, the sport and the image, it was natural that one day, these three trajectories get crossed…

Skateboard Champion in the 80’s, he is from a generation of skaters who paved a way to a very new wave of alternative sports.

Graduate from the prestigious “Ecole Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle” in Paris, he never stopped developing the experiment of the images in several environments with his vision as an extreme sportsman. His 25 years of experiment and expeditions guided him from the Himalaya mountains to the summit of the Kilimanjaro, from the Andes cordillera to the Swiss Alps; developing a team of professional specialists riders, mountain guides and helicopter pilots. Inside a virgin slope, into the tube of a wave or falling at 180 mph skydiving… It is the same state of mind, which guides you into your choices and decisions. You can’t shoot and share any sensation, without living it yourself…”

This main rule engages into the practicing of ski, surf, skydiving, running, or apnea. He developed during 20 years the “art of displacement” into natural environments, nowadays adapted as the new urban discipline: the “Parkours”. For more than 10 years, he was specialized in commercials shooting, concepts and visuals films for international sports events, for the prestigious international sports channels like Eurosport. With the raise of the Digital Technologies, he developed his experience of the terrain and sports into the visual FX shootings. He won several international Awards like Sport Tv Play, Sportel and Promax USA. Based in Dubai for the last 7 years, he has a extensive knowledge of the land, the mind and cultural specificities of the UAE, notably directing the film for the “UAE National Day”. He has set up films for prestigious events such as the inauguration of the Burj Khalifa, establishing a world premiere by filming in super HD the first profiled movie for the widest screen ever built (120m) for the prestigious Dubai World Cup. Bruno is now preparing for his next challenge and the production of a long feature film project.

The quest never ends…

“Images are a true force onto themselves, but it is the writing that remains the lever arm of this force. When from ideas, characters are born and sets give life to a concept, when from technique and light, is born the emotion which gives meaning to the image, only then the film become a force onto itself…

“Each project is thus unique and each film has its own identity, equal to a work whose goal is to deliver its own message and to
stand out in our minds.”

1985 / 91 “Pushing the Limits” – The series
1992 / 94 “Pushing the Limits” – The feature film with F. Gelin and E. Meeks.
1995 / 98 TV concept & visuals Sports (Eurosport, TF1, C+, France Tv…)
1996 / 2003 “Les Nuits de La Glisse” – The famous European Tour Show
2004 / 2006 “The Perfect Moment” – Long Feature Doc / European theaters
2006/ 2012 Dubai & GCC – National day movie “Mutaheda”
– Launch Burj Khalifa & Base Jump film
– Dubai World Cup HD screen (120m / World Premiere)

– “Best of the cable in the World” PROMAX USA 97 – “The Chair”/Eurosport.
– Jury Special Award – SPORTEL 96 – Monaco
– “Best Special effects” – SPORT TV PLAY 97 – Rome
– “Best Special effects” – SPORT TV PLAY 98 – Rome
– Official selection “Imagina 99″
– Autran’s Adventure Film Festival 2004