Amit Baidya

Amit is a TVC director. He studied Architecture and then went on to study design at National Institute of Design. He then did his post graduation in film.

He began his career with Red Ice Films as a visual designer.

Soon within a year he broke into directing commercials, music videos and promos.
Amit’s impeccable eye for art, design and his love of film, add an extra dimension to his ability to deliver his films with dedication and passion.

Each and every film that he directs has its own unique style. Presently Amit has done more than a dozen of TVCs.

Most of his films come with strong visuals that have been beautifully expressed. His varied reel ranges across style, beauty, performance, poignant drama and slices of life.

He has directed commercials for clients such as Global Western Union, Parachute, Flipkart, Asian Paints, Himalaya, Hindu and many others.

He likes to pursue graphic design and photography during his free time.