Jay is a happy-go-lucky, new comer at Feel Productions. Shouldering the responsibilities of an Production Coordinator is this bright, young chap with a never-say-no attitude.


Exuding passion towards the art of entertainment, he is fond of visualizing all things creative and turning them into an innovative array of print ads, short films and audio compositions. His body of work and devotion to multimedia brings out unique and exceptional results that won him accolades in his hometown and now here in Dubai as well.


He is highly organized, detail-oriented, and proficient at word processing, data-entry, and budgeting. He is analytically inclined and process oriented and has substantial know-how of Excel. With sufficient motivation & thoughtfulness, Jay is a thorough professional who is always on the look out for the next interesting opportunity that can challenge and broaden his horizons.


His projects so far include, mixing and operating, location recording, audio & video production, studio based recording, coordination with client and processing. He possesses both technical & creative skills and is particularly good with handing high volumes of data that is common within his field. Time management and sticking to deadlines come naturally to him. A team working spirit is another essential aspect of his role at Feel Productions, as he works closely with post-production professionals.


Independent & passionate, with a focus on delivering excellence in every endeavor. That is Jay in a nutshell.