RAV (Ravinder Singh)

Rav, has worn many hats in a career spanning over 12 years. He’s a Music Composer, Sound
Designer, Audio Producer / Engineer and DJ, all in one. If that wasn’t enough, he is an expert troubleshooter, to boot.
He is quite the Audio Wiz too; he holds a record for producing more than 20 radio commercials in a single day!
He is at the top of his game, excelling in a role that requires advanced communication and negotiation skills as he rubs shoulders with Creative Producers
& Directors on a daily basis. Highly organized so as to handle great volumes of data that come his way, in the form of ad films and radio spots. Beating
deadlines is something he does with little effort.
Team working spirit is another essential aspect of his role at Feel Productions, as he works closely with post-production professionals. Furthermore, he is
known to keep up with the latest trends in the industry, but only when he isn’t busy setting a few of his own!
Rav’s calm and composed manner of approaching & discharging his duties ensures that every job is meets the client’s satisfaction. He focuses on the big
picture without losing track of the smaller details.
Quick of mind and strong of will, you can always count on Rav to spearhead any project.
Call it Mission: Possible.