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“Video editing is now something almost everyone can do at a simple level and enjoy it, but to take it to a higher level requires the same dedication and persistence that any art form does”.

Well, we did not say it but we mostly agree with what the famous editor Walter Murch had to say about film editing.

We believe if you have truly understood the above statement then no further explanation is required as to why a film needs a professional to edit a film.

We, at Feel Production, Dubai, believe that editing can break or make a film and thus, have invested in the best infrastructure and talent available in the market to reap nothing but the best for our product. One of the most fundamental processes of filmmaking lies here and no compromise is made.

What is film editing?

In simple words, editing is the process of first organising the footage that is shot or collected. Next phase is where the editor sees the footage again and again to plan and assemble all the shots in sequence. The rhythm, flow and style of editing determine how the film shapes up.

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What are the signs of a good editor?

A good editor is someone in sync with the director and nurtures this sacred relationship with constant communication. He would have seen the footage at least twice before starting and will know the film’s entire footage and sequence. He will be a good organizer and will know instantly where to look for a particular shot. He will keep in mind the time required for renders, exports, errors, crashes and other unforeseen troubleshooting situations and promise a real deadline than make false promises of delivering within impossible deadlines. A good editor attempts impossible edits and surprises us with his creative solutions. Also a good editor will be seen spending a lot of time working on audio as it is the glue of your edit.

If you are over enthusiastic and wish to see the raw footage that is all broken in shots or wish to sit through the edit from the very first day, let us warn you, as you are more likely to witness a mess. Thus, it is very rightly said that editing looks like killing the story at first and then slowly bringing it back to life. We advice if you are completely unaware of the process, wait until we can show you a first edit which always has a structure and story setup.

An editor is often seen as a person with no mercy as sometimes he simply chops off an entire sequence or even a sub-story. It is rather difficult job to be unemotional and choose to keep only that works for the film. A writer who wrote it and the director who shot it feels let down by this merciless act but will eventually grow to thank the editor if he has made sense. Not only did he save the film but also raised it to a higher level than planned.

Feel Production treats editing as a sacred process of film-making and with all divinity and honesty thrives to deliver only the best. So if you have an editing job to be taken care of in Dubai, we are very much at your service.

Get in touch with Feel Productions and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs further.

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