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TV Commercials

TV Commercials

Dubai, one might say, is an artificially created city, a city which exemplifies desire and power. Filmmaking is some sort of a make believe medium unless it is a documentary or piece of journalistic news footage. Everything else is well thought of, planned and executed to perfection just like the magnificent city of Dubai.

Feel Productions thrives to be just as perfect as Dubai. Here, at Feel Productions, which is primarily a film and video production company, we make films and videos in different formats. We also take extreme pride in our work and enjoy immense goodwill among our clients. To know us better feel free to Contact Us or drop in an email and we will get back to you.

Let’s take you through the process we follow at Feel Production to cut a TV Commercial


The production team will always strive to understand and fulfil the production value that’s wanted, and give you the very best interpretation of the brand. Understanding the look and feel the brand (or client) needs is very important in executing the right treatment and harnessing the right brand values. Cinematic treatment plays a major role in reflecting the right brand attributes and projecting it in the right manner.


A script is only the skeleton upon which the whole body of work needs to be developed. The production team brainstorms the project and a detailed storyboard is developed which then takes the form of a film. Storytelling becomes the key aspect in developing the film, while all other production techniques help it to take form and shape


Each country has rules about what you can broadcast and whether it’s fit to be viewed. It’s illegal to show commercials that are misleading, harmful or offensive. At Feel, we strictly adhere to rules and are sensitive to guidelines and restrictions laid out. We play by ear and ensure that the end film stay within the acceptable boundaries


Choosing where you film is key and will be led by your script and storyboard. A specific location is needed to match the script and mood of the film, but will also need to be within the approved budget. At Feel, we work with people who best know the terrain and are budget-conscious too. We scout for the right location that reflects the attributes and aesthetics of the film, bearing in mind that budgets cannot be stretched but remain in the client’s price point.


Though shoots are often regarded as the most exciting and glamourous part of the process, it can be a long, tough haul in seeing it through. It can take a long time to get everything set up for the perfect shot. Which involves creating the right set-up to managing a crew army in putting all the nuts and bolts together. Depending on the concept’s scale and ambition, a typical crew could include light boys, wardrobe specialist, hair stylist, make-up artists, light boys, caterers besides the director of photography and director.


Once the footage has been shot, it goes to our in-house video editing facilities. Silled professional from editors to animators and colour grading specialists then take on the project but under the watchful eye of the director. Voiceovers are recorded, music outsourced or composed till the entire film is stitched together together in perfect harmony with what’s being shown on-screen


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