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Location and Line Production

When it comes to shooting outdoors, location and line production plays an important role in seeing a film through.

At Feel, we put together a full-fledged team needed on the project. From sourcing the right director to the line producer, director of photography (DOP), camera operator and on-site support crew.

For location search, we align with the ones who best know the terrain, giving you a choice of locations to select from.

And working with latest technology supported with superior post-production facilities, we help produce film within a given budget and time-frame.


Choosing where you film is key and will be led by your script and storyboard. A specific location is needed to match the script and mood of the film, but will also need to be within the approved budget. At Feel, we work with people who best know the terrain and are budget-conscious too. We scout for the right location that reflects the attributes and aesthetics of the film, bearing in mind that budgets cannot be stretched but remain in the client’s price point.


Making use of our insider local knowledge and our relationship with the location managers, we secure permissionS to shoot at the right locations.


Line production demands expertise, experience and skill. We at Feel are well aware of the different aspects of film making which demand intricate planning and seamless execution. Entering at the development stage of a project, we as line producers stay throughout the producton, ensuring seamless flow of the process and on-time delivery.


Handpicking the right talent for the film crew is pivotal in ensuring smooth production. At Feel, our database and experience over the years has enabled us to source the right, dependable talent. We have the best experts from directors, cnematography team, art team, costume and styling team, gaffers, focus pullers, sound recordists, and editors.cess that includes the design of all the characters and the environments in the animated video.


At Feel we are fully equipped with the latest technology across camera and filming equipment. Add to that we own one of the biggest Daylight Studios in Dubai, with multiple studio options to work with and a fully equipped, ultra-modern post-production to back it.


Once the footage has been shot, it goes to our in-house video editing facilities. Silled professional from editors to animators and colour grading specialists then take on the project but under the watchful eye of the director. Voiceovers are recorded, music outsourced or composed till the entire film is stitched together together in perfect harmony with what’s being shown on-screen.  


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