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Shoot Permission in Dubai


A fixer or producer, with Feel Productions, is the one-man-contact for your entire production requirement. He is the answer to all your queries from location scout till the post production. He brings to the table, years of experience in handling films and video productions from the whole world, but his expertise lies in the local ground of Middle East Asia.


He is often called a fixer or a producer. Sometimes they are also called production manager , production controller or line producer. The title doesn’t matter as much as the significance of his role in the entire production. He is the person who arranges all necessary shooting permissions and makes the day’s schedule.

Why are we so confident?

We have the best local support and maintain a bank of all local necessities required for any TV, Film or Video production. You name it and we would provide you with the best support locally available.


We provide exclusive services to independent producers and directors travelling for the film without a crew. We provide them with tailor made support as per their requirement. We also provide production support, in full package, from the beginning till the very end, as in research, location scout, production coordination, production and post production. In case, you do not need the entire package, we are open to customize as per your needs.


Dubai and Oman are the lands we are most comfortable in operating, however we pursue to provide complete support in other Middle East nations as well.


If you are looking for any production support in the Middle East Asia, contact us.


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