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Feel Productions is a 360-degree audio visual production house with an exclusive recording studio. We specialize in end-to-end audio and video production taking care of the entire process. We are the best production company in the business with a tireless team that is brand savvy and has immense experience creating stimulating visual content. From Corporate videos, Company Profile videos, Explainer videos, Infographics, Event Coverage, TVCs to other varieties of visual content.

Why You Need Corporate Videos:

Video market is the latest add-on to a company’s promotion toolbox. Owing to the fact that they are emotionally charged, brand aligned and can spread on the Internet in a matter of days while garnering millions of views, video advertising has become more mainstream than ever before. Crafting such customized, corporate videos for your business requires oodles of creativity along with the understanding of human psychology. The subsequent cocktail creates real miracles with tangible outcomes, giving you the coveted edge in your respective industries. Something our team at Feel Productions is especially known for in the Dubai circuit!

Here are 7 reasons why you ought to surrender to the charms of video marketing:

1. Corporate Videos Boost Sales

Sales are directly proportional to videos. You can make you some serious bling with a promotional brand video in your kitty. Adding a single product/service video to your website or Facebook page can lead to 80% conversions.

2. Corporate Videos Affect Google Ranking

You’re odds of appearing at the top on Google, is 53 times higher if you have a video embedded on your website! There is a significant increment on how videos affect your search engine rank, now that Google now owns YouTube. Optimizing videos on YouTube with relevant titles, captions, descriptions, SEO tags and links to your website, products and services, guides potential customers towards the next step.

3. Videos and Mobile Phones

Video and mobile phones have strong ties with each other. Reports from YouTube suggest that mobile video consumption increases by 100% each year! Additionally, smartphone users feel a sense of personal connection to brands that appear on their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

4. Explainer Videos

Create a video for the launch of a new product or service; showcasing its utility. Studies show that 74% shoppers, who watched an explainer video or a product demo, subsequently bought it. In case of new, difficult to explain concepts, creating animated videos can be viable solution. Animation can better illustrate concepts that might be hard to get right through text or video.

5. The Trust Factor

The very concept of content marketing resides on trust and building long-term relationships. Video content has the power to engage consumers and ignite emotions. This creates a sense of personal connection with the brand and therefore increases trust, in turn leading to sales. 57% of consumers say that videos give confidence to make online purchases.

6. Corporate Videos Engage Even Passive Buyers

Video marketing can capture a wide range of audiences, even the passive ones. Today’s bustling ways of life are characterized by shorter attention spans. Videos engage consumers who aren’t interested in reading long product descriptions. Instead focuses on showing customers what they really want – To see the product in action! This is one of the essential driving forces of video advertising.

7. Corporate Videos Get More Shares

With YouTube being the second most popular social network in the world, other big players Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are actively encouraging video content. It is important to note that users share emotions, not facts. So creating fun and engaging videos that are aligned to brand is the best way to encourage social shares.

Bonus Tip: Corporate Videos In Mails

When you creating a customized brand video, make sure you to incorporate them in your emails. An introductory email with a video is more likely to receive a positive response by 96%. That is an effective way to stand out amongst the crowd and get your message through.

Get in touch with Feel Productions to create customized corporate videos and TVCs. We look forward to working with you on your project, be it any size and budget.

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