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Post Production

From basic editing all the way to visual effects and animation, our talented post production artists add life, flair and energy to every project we undertake.

Equipped with the latest technology from state-of-the-art colour grading suites, mixing studios, voice-over, and a variety of offline editing facilities, and armed with the best post production talent, we turn every great footage into an amazing experience

Our team has been in this field for years, so we know how to handle various situations and deliver quality work.



Our edit suites manned by skilled, talented editors brings to life every film we edit. Working with the latest technology, we are fully-equipped to turn a great footage into a marvelous film. Our services include TVC edits, brand and corporate video edits, digital film edits, enhancement of older videos, voice over insertions, animation…and more.


Colour grading plays a major role in any film or video we create. Our colour graders specialize in achieving the right tone and balance, enriching the look and feel of the film. Feel productions has launched UAE’s first 6K optimized color grading suite which is technically equipped with Assimilate Scratch 8.4 software and Davinci Resolve 12 studio software. The suite is designed to work for all sorts of Digital Cinema Productions. Our suite can handle any digitally originated images from any camera (Arri Alexa, RED, Phantom, Canon, Sony, Panasonic).


Our recording studios and our edit suites are well equipped to handle every possible audio requirement. Our audio experts have an ear for detail, ensuring every element is pitch perfect. From the quietest pin-drop sound to an explosive thunder. Add to that, our SFX experts also mix mind-blowing sound effects for the ultimate effect a film has on its audience.


Working with the most advanced and innovative technology, designed to push the boundaries of possibility, our passionately creative VFX specialists bring inspiration to every project.


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