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Changing Trends in Dubai’s Corporate Videos

Lets take a peek into the changing world of corporate videos with specific focus on how filmmakers and production companies need to adapt to these changes.

What do Corporate Videos entail in today’s world?

In the early 2000s, corporate videos were all about calling to attention, the nature of business and glorification of its top management. It adopted a pompous, show-and-tell approach characterized by heavily scripted scenarios and speeches.

While this was rather passive and non-engaging to viewers, the current outlook is more refreshing and aims to give audiences a more realistic peek into the business and more significantly, its impact. The focus is now on brand personality and tone. Sincere content speckled with real life stories told by real people, make these videos more engaging and useful.

Shorter = Sweeter

With reduced attention spans today, observed especially across social media platforms; lengthy 30-minute videos are no longer the norm. The mantra now is ‘Short is Sweet’. Precise and focused videos that engage their intended audience is the key to going viral!

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Tech Savvy Clients

Clients today are ready to invest in the biggest trend of the moment. For example, the current trend today is aerial / drone filming. Businesses like to boast of incorporating the “next big thing” in their videos. Another raising trend is Infographics and explainer videos.

While this may require filmmakers and production houses to be updated with state-of-the-art equipment, it gives us a wider range of services to offer. 

Bulging Budgets

Businesses these days are getting more and more media savvy. They understand the influence of visuals and power of storytelling, especially their dominance over boring, old PPTs.

So when they set out looking for a media partner / agency, they do so with appropriate marketing and advertising budgets, as opposed to earlier when businesses had no idea how to allocate budgets for visual marketing. Thus enabling corporate film producers to get just a little more creative and experimental.

Despite the various challenges of this industry, there has never been a more exciting time to make Corporate Videos!

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