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Color grading in dubai

Feel Productions Dubai based production company has just announced a new service FEEL COLOR GRADING SUITE facility, integrating the idea of offline/online editing to color grading and finishing.

Having a complete color grading system with calibrated monitoring, scopes, and a color management system is an ideal working atmosphere for colorists and their clients.

Services Offered:

Resolve Online Grading in a low cost suite
Professional color grading environment
Colour Grading in full 4k
Fully Calibrated Display
Our suite can handle any digitally originated images from any camera (Arri Alexa, RED, Phantom, Canon, Sony, Panasonic etc).

No problem about your budget, Feel Color Grading Suite will support you with our professional team to exceed your client’s expectations.
Our inhouse colorist Sumeet Nabar has color graded more than 500 Bollywood feature length movies and more than 200 commercials worldwide.

Take a look at some of our work here:

Feel free to get in touch with Feel Productions and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs further.

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