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Malls today, are bustling, upscale advertising environments, full of excellent opportunities to connect with your target audience. Advertising on digital screens inside malls allows your message to reach shoppers, already in a purchasing mind-set. Thus enabling you to tap into a rich vein of proactive customers, right at the point of sale. In addition to posters & signage, many malls are now incorporating digital displays, thus creating a growing demand for Mall Screens Animation. These high definition screens allow advertisers to use full motion Graphics and Videos to create dynamic and engaging content.

Feel Productions, a production house in Dubai that specializes in creating Branded Videos & Video Marketing Content, can help you get on board this fantastic, advertising platform.

Along with traditional Videos, Slideshows & Animated Content, we also create videos that can be split across separate monitors. This is done by way of video mapping according to screen sizes and dimensions. The final video covers all dimensions of your screen, making the advertisement more eye catching. Powered by a strong Graphics and Animations team we can customize your content into engaging Brand Videos & Animation.

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