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Permissions for Aerial Shoots in Dubai

How does one go about with license & permissions for aerial shoots in Dubai?

The use of drones for recreational and commercial purposes is on the rise in Dubai. To fly drones legitimately in UAE, the drone pilot has to be registered. Only upon registration can the pilot acquire a license from the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). This body is in charge of implementing laws in accordance with safety and privacy standards set by the government.

Drones to be used for commercial filming must be piloted by certified aviators. It is therefore recommended to hire authorized production companies who can obtain the necessary permits from the required governmental authorities. Since multiple governmental bodies like the DCAA, GCAA and DFTC are involved it is advised to carry out bookings a few weeks prior to the shoot dates.

The Feel Productions team, spearheaded by our certified drone pilot, is up to date with latest Aerial Filming Regulations from Ministry of Defense, Civil Aviation Authority and Dubai Film Commission.

Important factors to be kept in mind before flying commercial drones in Dubai:

  • License to fly your drone is obligatory.
  • Certain areas have been declared no-fly zones. These include airports, residential areas, restricted and populated territories.
  • If you are flying a drone for recreational purpose, it should be flown within the perimeters of licensed aviation clubs. And should always be in your line of sight.
  • While flying in non-secure airspaces, drone operators are required to submit a detailed flight plan for approval.

Take a look at some of our aerial shoots here:

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