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Rising Trends in 2018

The past couple of years have been a roller coaster in the sound design and film industry, with new technologies and formats influencing how we experience the world around us, thereby significantly affecting the sound design process. Buckle up, because it doesn’t seem to be slowing down in the up and coming year. Feel Productions is a Dubai based, 360-degree Audio Visual solutions company with a full-fledged audio wing, complete with a state of the art recording studio. The team at Feel Productions are true believers in experimentalism and creative autonomy. We take pride in dabbling with the new. From virtual reality to the growing trend of authenticity in the stock music industry, we are excited about the infinite possibilities that 2018 will ring in. Here are the top trends that we think will rule the soundwaves in 2018.

Audio for 360 VR Videos

The new kids on the media block are without a doubt is VR and 360 degree videos. Although media experts have been touting the arrival of the all immersive 360 degree media for years now, we have only recently hit a number of significant milestones. YouTube and Facebook bolsters 360 videos, Adobe Premiere’s latest version now supports VR editing, and stock video giant, VideoBlocks recently announced the arrival of the first ever 360 and 3D stock footage.

These new technologies significantly affect the way filmmakers, editors, and producers think about sound design, requiring new approaches to audio-visual narration. Creating 360 videos is similar to a theater experience. To steer the audience towards the world of the film’s subject, subtle visual cuts have to be used instead of jump cuts. What’s more, the audio has to follow suit.

Music for YouTube

YouTube has revamped the way video is produced and distributed, empowering self-made artists and creators to connect with global audiences, including a crop of video bloggers and trend setters. The stakes and potential opportunities of such successes have never been higher. Thus, creating a radical, new business avenue – curated audio libraries.

Authentic Stock Music

Authenticity and credibility have been corner stones of success in 2017. This has been particularly true for the production circles. In an overused market, it can be hard to engage audiences and effectively communicate your story.

Using stock music from real artists and bands with themes that resonate with audiences and storytellers alike, creating an opportunity to connect at a different level. It is essential that stock music must sound like something heard on the radio or at a local artists’ showcase, and a lot less like elevator music. Thus, paving way for yet another cash cow.

Resurrection of Radio

Radio labs and podcasts are here to stay and only gaining more and more momentum. This recent revival of a purely audio driven content has highlighted the important role that efficient sound editing.

Podcasts also employ subtler aspects of sound design – Foley and looping tracks that provide emotional cues to its listeners. For example, a rhythmic beat builds tension as the plot thickens, making the audio journey more nuanced.

Inspired already? Feel Productions’ recording studio is super excited about the new opportunities these trends would pave way for!

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