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What is Digital Pixel?

In today’s fast growing economy, it has become difficult to keep pace with the ever growing and rapidly changing technology in domain of imagery. There has been a lot of advancement in the electronic media as well. But one should not worry about the various jargons and terminologies used in the world of imagery. Pixel and resolution are words we hear often but seldom understand what they actually mean.

To put it in the simplest way, a Pixel is like the Atom of an image. Or let me put it this way, the smallest unit in an image is a Pixel. To professionals, it would mean the most finite area of illumination on a display screen or on an image.

Pixels are like a single hue colored tiled mosaic that makeup an image when viewed from a distance. Images made of pixels are known in the industry as raster images.

Often people get amused with the terminologies like pixel resolution or high resolution. It is not as complicated as it may sound and we at Feel Productions definitely don’t believe in complicating life. So let us break it down in the simplest way possible way.

The number of pixels present within an image defines the image’s pixel resolution.

More pixels per image, higher the image resolution.

The higher the resolution, better the quality of the image.

It has become pertinent for someone who has an interest in the world of images to understand that the number of pixels in an image will decide the clarity and quality of an image. So, if you hear that we, at Feel Productions, only shoot in high resolution, it means we do not compromise on quality of the image or video and that we deliver only the best; that only the best suits you and your business.

A corporate film or video needs to be shot on high resolution because it enjoys the possibility of being screened at the 70mm theatre scale and also on a tiny screen like on a mobile handset phone.

With growing technology and Full HD resolution screens now being available on your handset phone, it creates a world for you with fine detailing and millions of color combinations. Images are no longer smudgy and are sharper in detail.

HD vs 4k

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So if you’re looking to fine tune your video pixel hue or require scanning your pictures in high resolution or perhaps looking to make the finest corporate video for your business – contact us.

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