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Aerial Shoot permission in Dubai

Aerial Shoot in Dubai and UAE

If you need to shoot aerial in Dubai or UAE, you have come to the right place. One of the most competitive services that Feel Production provides to its customers is a “different perspective”. Aerial shot used to be a challenge to shoot and was an expensive affair. But today, it is the one that we have mastered and we recommend it to most of our clients as it fits their budgets and gives a new dimension. What is an aerial shot?

An aerial shot is a still or moving picture of the ground from an elevated angle of capturing or from straight top view. The cameras are mounted on specialized equipment and are not connected to the ground like the crane or jib. The market offers various state-of-art equipments and it has become rather inevitable to offer the viewer a different perspective, one that they are not familiar with. It is often called the bird’s eye view. It is exciting and adventurous to see the world from a bird’s eye perspective.

Some of the latest equipments used are mini helicopter like gadgets called drones. These drones have rotors fixed to them and depending on the number of rotors, the name changes. For instance, one with 4 rotors is commonly called a quad-copter. They are controlled by a team of professionals from the ground with remote control systems. The Director and others can see what the camera is capturing and decide to take as many variations as possible. Since these drones are flying objects, one requires flying permissions by the authorities. These permissions are arranged by Feel Productions.

If you are looking to get aerial shots for your work, we highly recommend it, as it adds a new dimension to your work and is now hassle free. We offer you the best talent and equipments available in Dubai for a very competitive price.

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