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DIT on set in Dubai by Feel Productions (Digital Imaging Technician)

Color Grading is one of the most impactful tools used in this new era of digital filmmaking. Feel Productions helps you to create the best results providing a DI colorist on shooting set/floor while you shoot.

Digital intermediate, popularly known as DI, involves digitizing a motion picture and tweaking the color and other image features. It is different from the tele-cine process wherein the film is initially scanned and then color is tweaked to facilitate editing. However, the lines between tele-cine and DI are continually blurred and colorists often exercise on the same background.

In simple words, color grading is done by varying the amount of red, green, and blue lights used to expose the intermediate. At Feel Productions we use digital tools to grade color, which allows for much finer control of individual colors and treat areas of the image with precision. It also allows for the adjustment of image structure, especially its grains and sharpness.

In today’s world it has become inevitable but to use these techniques, as they provide the best results in the CG world. It has become convenient for the client of the film to see the actual colors that are going to be seen in the final film at the shooting set/floor itself.

Feel production makes sure that the client and the technicians can see the final output while the shooting is in progress. It enables to make any alterations if required right then and there. This makes both the client and the artist very clear and be on the same path as to how the final product is going to shape up.

People often tend to make a mistake, they try to use highly saturated color hoping image looks better and grabs attention, but it is far from the truth. It also doesn’t leave anything for the viewer to notice. Using high saturation everywhere gives your eyes nowhere to rest which is very important in an image.

So it is very important to understand that to desaturate the scene is also sometimes very essential for communication.

Feel Productions weighs a lot of importance when it comes to colors especially in a branding film. Be it advertising or a corporate film colors denote specific mood and emotion. So to play around with them is an extremely sensitive profession and only an expert can handle it. To understand how an artist plays around with colors, please do read upon our other blog on “why color grading is so important in a film?”

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