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How to find good script writer in Dubai?

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There are different kinds of writings. To be able to write is a gift. For instance many fiction story writers feel like God because of their ability to PLAY GOD. They have the power to create characters and situations. It is like creating a world of one’s whims and fancies. You can create, you can demolish.

Writing for Film

If you have a story and need it to be filmed, you have reached the right place. Feel Productions will provide you with full production support. If, however, you need a writer for your film, even that can be arranged.

Writing for Corporate Film and Video

Corporate films have an agenda rather than an emotion to sell. They are promotional films that help create a brand image. Corporate films thus are more or less info-graphic and writing a script for it becomes very essential. Mostly the script is an explanation about the video. Such audio scripts are called voice over. Most corporate films have a voice over script. It is written before the film and gives a structure to it helping connect different sequences of the film.

So, when you decide to make a corporate film, you must be very clear about the purpose of the film, keeping the script to-the-point yet engaging. Our team at Feel Productions will sit with you and hear you out. They will make sure to that every minute detail decided upon by you is included.

Take a look at some of the quirky scripts we have written:

We have a team of in-house writers as well as freelance writers working for us on various such projects. If you need a write-up, a script or a corporate video/film, feel free to contact us.

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