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Dubai, one might say, is an artificially created city, a city which exemplifies desire and power. Filmmaking is some sort of a make believe medium unless it is a documentary or piece of journalistic news footage. Everything else is well thought of, planned and executed to perfection just like the magnificent city of Dubai.

Feel Productions thrives to be just as perfect as Dubai. Here, at Feel Productions, which is primarily a film and video production company, we make films and videos in different formats. We also take extreme pride in our work and enjoy immense goodwill among our clients.

Within film and video production there are different departments. We take every step in the making of a video very seriously.

There are three phases of production:

Pre –Production,

Production and


Let me try to explain to you briefly what these three phases encompasses of.

Pre- Production begins with client meeting where in the desire and purpose of making a film is established and the client brief is taken down meticulously. The client brief is like a Map to us which details out every single information that needs to go within the newly designed video.

Script is like the backbone and skeleton of the video. The script can be hard bound and goes through changes until the client approves and is finalized post those changes.

All other essentials required for the actual filming is planned and made available for the actual day of shoot. It varies from the scale of production, sometimes it may be a very small low budget film with little requirements or a hefty budget film that requires a lot of arrangements.

Production is the next phase where in the actual filming takes place.

Post production is where the film gets made – the editor’s table. Voice over, audio mixing, sound efx, graphics are added at the post production phase. Other elements used to enhance the viewing experience like color-grading, is also done at this stage. The things one can do at the post production phase are endless. But one must know that the post only enhances the actual production and grooms it as the finest product.

Take a look at some of our work:

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