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Feel Productions specializes in drone aerial shoot in Dubai and guarantees a problem free shoot, while taking care of the procurement of all necessary licenses and permissions required to shoot aerially in Dubai, only with the exception of the government mandated ‘no fly zones’.

Why take an aerial shot?

Perspective changes everything. The way we look at things and from where we look at things adds a whole different dimension to life.

An aerial shot brings in that sort of a dynamics to the otherwise 2D medium of film and video. To see the world from an angle that is normally not possible by human eye adds thrill to the video. Physically humans can’t fly and have a spectacular bird’s eye view but the camera can be mounted on a flying object and it can record the same.

Atlantis 01

Earlier, a camera was fixed in a helicopter and a cameraman would actually shoot from mid air. It is still a very expensive affair and not everyone can afford to keep a bird’s eye shot in their films.

Times have changed since then and today anyone can plan, visualize and execute an aerial shot for a video. It has also become affordable to shoot an aerial shot with the help of drones.

Drones are remote controlled from ground and look like a small model of a helicopter. The most popular drone used is a quadcopters which have 4 motors and 4 helicopter blades. Light weight cameras are mounted on this and controlled from the ground. Various models of these are available but have certain limitations on how high it can fly.

drone dubai

Also when one plans on an aerial shoot the weather can play a spoilt sport. So it is absolutely necessary to weather check while planning a drone shoot.

If you are looking for a film and video production company to capture that spectacular view of Dubai Feel free to contact us. Feel Production will arrange all necessary permissions to get you the perfect aerial shot for your film.

Take a look at some of our aerial shoots here:

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