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Info-graphic and viral video production in Dubai

What is info-Graphic and viral video production in Dubai?

Feel Productions specializes in corporate  info-graphic and viral video production in Dubai. If you are looking for an Info-graphic Video Production Company based in Dubai, you have come to the right place. Some of the finest illustrators and graphic artists in Dubai work for the post production studio at Feel Productions.

Let us first understand what is an Info-graphic video?

An info-graphic video is a new age video presentation format used for communicating complex theories and strategies effectively and for making an impression at the same time. It uses motion graphics and animation to explain complex content in a simple graphical way which would otherwise be difficult to shoot and explain in real time video. It helps to communicate business strategies in a new fashion making it quirky, informative, entertaining and engaging. On any given day, an info-graphic video is more likely to enjoy recall value than power point presentations.

What will you see in an info-graphic video?

It is interesting to answer this question, as one would see shapes, alphabets, characters, numbers, images, basic design elements in motion with a voice over, sound effects and background score. Though it sounds very basic, it is amusing to see how graphic designers work with these basic elements and make something so interesting and simple to understand. Powered by a creatively designed info-graphic video by Feel Productions, we assure you that no business presentation will be a bouncer or plain boring. Many business executives find it difficult to explain their strategies involving numbers. Here is the big solution for them.

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An entertaining info-graphic video is more likely to be shared through the various media outlets than a real-time video with boring interviews explaining the same thing which makes everything more confusing and complicated.

If you have enjoyed seeing an info-graphic video that was informative as well as entertaining, you would automatically want to share it with others. Since it is a graphic video file, it can be easily downloaded and shared among friends. Such videos enjoy the scope and possibility of going viral.

There is also a variant in this format of video production and that is Interactive Info-graphic videos.

Take a look at some of our work:

Interactive Info-graphic videos are those that engage and make the viewer a participant in the presentation giving it an edge.

So, if it is an Info-graphic video or an Interactive Info-graphic Video that you have in mind, contact us:

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