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Feels Productions from Dubai excels in Television Commercials. If there is something no one can do better than us, it is Corporate film production and Television Commercial Production. So if you have a product or service to sell and need to grab the TV viewer’s attention, you have got off at the right station.

There is a famous quote circulating the web world which works best in this context.

“Why haven’t you seen a Lamborghini commercial before? Because the people who can afford them are not sitting around watching TV.”

It is thus very essential to understand who the target audiences are. So first we need to know and ascertain that the target audience for your product is the average TV viewer and if so, we will design a TV commercial for your product as per the brief given by you. After several discussions and enough clarity from both sides, we finalize upon a script and storyboard for the TV Commercial.

In every phase we require active participation by the client’s representative so as to avoid any confusion and minimize wastage of resources. Once the pre-production phase is finalized and sealed, we move on to the actual shoot. The best available talent is hired and no compromise is made on the quality of production. We believe in order to sell our product to an audience who are exposed to thousands of commercials in different mediums, we need to be distinct and stand out among the crowd. As all humans are emotional, the soul of commercial is vital and needs to be visible and connect with the viewers. Communication of the product needs to be crystal clear and no room for doubt is left. The communication part could be accomplished with audio, video and with help of info-graphics. Lastly, music is a universal language and enjoys an international appeal across borders. It is used intelligently as the glue to the edit.

The combination of all these phases put together results in an edit which can make or break the film and thus is considered as the most vital phase of filmmaking. However, it should not be exploited as not all goof ups can be rectified at this stage.

Often people tend to press buttons of their remote control the moment their favorite programme breaks into a commercial slot. It has thus become important to make these commercials look glossy and entertaining. We agree that a commercial has to be engaging and entertaining but we do not make all commercials that we shoot look glossy as not all products demand surreal appearances. Sometimes all it takes to get noticed is to place an off-beat looking commercial among over rated glossy commercials.

Feel Production believes in tailor made commercials and specialises in them. So if you ever need a commercial to be made that stands out in the media world, contact us now and we could arrange a meeting and share our show reel with you. Our heart is in Dubai but we shoot across the globe.

Take a look at some our work:

Feel free to get in touch with Feel Productions and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs further.

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