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TV Series/Dailies Color Grading on set in Dubai

Feel Productions in Dubai offers highly competitive packages for color grading your film, TVC, Corporate video and TV Series/Dailies. Today, every film is shot on high definition and it has become inevitable to color grade the film. Colors set the mood and emotion of any film and thus they play a very vital role. Feel Productions, Dubai color grading production company also provides the onset color grading for your TV Series with very economical packages.

Color grading is the process in which the colors of the film are tweaked to further enhance or create a new visual tone for the film. For instance, a high contrast and bright colored film always depicts a happy and vibrant mood. On the contrary, greys and blacks and dull colors often denote coldness and dullness. So depending on what the director demands to use for communication, one needs to twitch and play around with the colors.

Since working with such a sensitive medium calls for a professional, we have hired the best for our studio in Dubai. The grading sometimes is subtle and not visible. Sometimes colors are toned down to get the right feel and mood. There is no right or wrong and there lies the big challenge. Tools are plenty and one can be lost around the number of choices. Hiring a professional who knows all these variations come handy and is a huge time saver as they know by experience which works better.

Some colors don’t mix with others, some surprisingly do. The game of grading is an extremely creative process and no two colorists will do the same job. But just like editing, colors can add a whole new dimension to the film which otherwise would have gone missing.

If you notice the TV commercials you shall notice some trusted colors. Blue is always associated as a trustworthy color and thus used for products that need that factor like Banks. White emits the quality of purity and hygiene, thus all toiletries use white in less or more combinations. Red is a color that denotes power, passion and is considered the most sensual color. It is often seen on products that pleases our senses be it women cosmetics or food.

Colors have a language of their own and are programmed into humans from a very early stage. It is thus required to study colors before one can use them effectively. Using colors to grab human attention is an art and only an artist does it best.

Feel Productions has had the honor of hiring eminent color grading artists for their studio work in Dubai. We believe no artist is better than the other. When we choose to call someone an artist, we make it clear that they are the chosen ones with inborn talent and excel by hard work and passion for their work.

Take a look at some of our work here:

So if you need a colorist to bless your film with the perfect hues; in other words a film that needs color-correction or color-grading, do call us right away.

DIT Color grading on set in dubai

Feel free to get in touch with Feel Productions and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs further.

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